Marchesato represents our goal to bring more awareness in food and food. We did it from organic crops for the production of pasta and flour naturally gluten-free.

Our products are dedicated to those who want to make different choices at the table, without sacrificing the good Mediterranean diet. With our pasta you can prepare all the traditional recipes and innovative dishes. The flours are used as a substitute for the classic white flour, to make the classic preparations with a new and surprising taste.
Baked goods, dough and first courses: the Marchesato enriches your table every day with quality and taste!

Our commitment

Our flours are nothing but ground grains and legumes. We offer them alone or as pasta. The quality of the raw material is fundamental for the Marchesato: in the flour and pasta you find all the scent of cultivation, the nutritional principles of the ingredients and the dedication we have towards our products. Just open the package to be transported to the origin of the process, when the raw material grows lush in the fields.

We care about the territory, for this reason our production is sustainable, we use easily recoverable packaging and we work every day to reduce the environmental impact of our company.

Respect for nature, well-being and taste, these are the values that the Marquisate pours into all its products.