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Marchesato was born in the hills of Costigliole Saluzzo, wonderful areas rich in traditional agricultural crops and orchards, surrounded by the mountains of the Varaita Valley. In this hilly microclimate our organic blueberries and our Piedmontese olive trees are grown.

Marchesato offers naturally gluten-free products to offer those who want to follow a more informed diet with healthy and tasty food. The cereal or legume flours are pasta-made using traditional methods or proposed in purity to allow you to create delicious gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan recipes.

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Freshly ground to create amazing recipes


Marchesato flours are 100% organic and naturally gluten-free, perfect for preparing delicious, tasty and healthy dishes. Cereal flours, legume flours and intriguing gourmet flours are available to allow you to have a healthy and balanced diet, correct from the point of view of the contribution of the various nutrients, but always greedy and inviting.

Marchesato flours are ideal to meet the specific needs of many people: sportsmen who are looking for a protein diet made not only of meat, children who need cereals to grow strong and healthy, gluttons who seek a taste in every dish amazing.

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Face even the coldest days with joy,
nothing is more comforting than a good hot dish to enjoy in good company


Marchesato offers the exclusive line of polenta to whet the palate of all the sweet tooth lovers of gluten free. Even the polenta of the Marchesato are naturally gluten-free and come from organic farming. In the Polenta there is only nature.

To make the gourmet recipes we use only carefully selected ingredients, which respect our strict control standards for raw materials. We are so demanding because we want to offer you only naturally good, healthy and safe products to include in your daily diet.

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Naturally gluten-free flours in pure pasta


The good tradition of slow drying and bronze drawing pasta production meets naturally gluten-free organic flours. Why are we so sure that we only use 100% organic ingredients? Because we are very attentive to the production, selection and transformation of raw materials, all of which are certified and processed in our factory, nestled in the heart of the Granda province, at the foot of the Monviso.

This is how, in their simplicity and naturalness, many delicious recipes are born, all to be tasted. Every day you can bring to the table a good and healthy first course, which satisfies pasta lovers and awakens everyone's gluttony. Indulge yourself in vegan preparations, innovative recipes or traditional tastes, with gluten-free pasta from the Marchesato every preparation is a success worthy of a starred chef.

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The blueberries of the Marchesato, zero-kilometer goodness


In the hilly microclimate of the Marquisate, the small fruits ripen in a uniform and early way, giving a real and proper primizia. Our blueberry plants are 100% natural and organic.

Since always in the area of Saluzzo, on the slopes of the mountains and in the undergrowth, blueberries grow spontaneously strong and lush. It is a traditional fruit that perfectly characterizes the values and quality of the territory, values that the Marquisate has made its own bringing them in all its products.

For the distribution and sale of blueberries we use PLA 100% green containers, the love for the territory we demonstrate in every small detail.

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The controlled supply chain from which we take the raw materials allows us to create high quality products, but this is not only what makes the Marchesato special.

All the production of pasta and flours is traditional, we treat with love our raw materials at every stage of processing. We are also very attentive to the packaging of the finished product, using sustainable packaging easily recoverable.

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Our range of products is wide to meet all nutritional needs: gluten-free pasta and flour, hyperprotein, aproteiche, with fiber and low glycemic index, depending on the type chosen.

The Marchesato can become the point of reference for a careful and balanced daily diet, without having to give up the taste of tasting delicious and inviting dishes.

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Impressive dishes for your gluten-free diet


With the pasta and flour of the Marchesato you can make many recipes, from the simplest to large elaborate dishes. Be inspired by your imagination and your greediness. Here we leave some suggestions to create dishes with a surprising taste.

With the Marchesato you can easily follow a vegan diet, protein based or low glycemic index. Our flours are pure cereals or legumes naturally gluten-free and we do not use anything else to make pasta, just water and flour. See you in the kitchen, enjoy your meal with the Marchesato!

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Updates and curiosities from the Marchesato


Discover all the news of the Marchesato: we love our products so much that we do not miss an opportunity to talk about it.

Keep up to date on the fantastic opportunities, we work every day to create new recipes to expand the range of flavors proposed. We want to tease and surprise every palate without ever betraying our gluten-free nature.

Take a look and let yourself be conquered by the goodness of the Marquisate.

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