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ORGANIC HEMP flour - Le Bontà del Marchesato



Hemp seed flour is an exceptional ingredient. It gives a toasted and nutty taste to the preparations and a beautiful burnished color that smacks of traditional rusticity. It is used for both sweet and savory recipes. It is recommended to use it mixed with other flours and not pure. The percentage of hemp flour to use depends on the result to be obtained, whether more or less homemade. Hemp seed flour is gluten free and therefore ideal for feeding celiac disease sufferers. Its versatility in the kitchen makes it loved by everyone, working an ingredient in this way will make you immediately feel like a great chef.

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The good of Hemp Seed flour
The toasted and nutty taste of hemp flour is perfect for enriching traditional baked desserts. Surprising is the extra gear it gives to savory preparations, such as pasta, bread, quiches and vegan burgers. The possibility of indulging in the kitchen with this fabulous ingredient is almost infinite. In addition to being so delicious, hemp flour is also rich in good nutrients and highly digestible, a concentrate of health and goodness for your table with Marquisate flour.

The nutritional properties of Hemp Seed flour
Hemp flour is very popular in the kitchen for its valuable nutritional characteristics. It is low in calories and high in fiber, being a good 100% vegetable and organic food, it is also suitable for the diet of vegans and vegetarians.

Tips at the table
The Marquisate hemp seed flour is rich in lipids, therefore, it is very important to keep it cool and away from sudden changes in temperature. There are many recipes to prepare desserts with hemp flour, but today we want to surprise you by advising you to prepare tasty vegan burgers, perfect for satisfying every food need by teasing the palate with a really tasty dish. Just combine the hemp flour with the soy milk and start cooking as if it were an omelette. As soon as it cools you have to work the preparation as if it were a real hamburger by combining garlic, parsley, oil and spices. Once the burger has been cooked, you can indulge yourself in filling the sandwich with sauces and garnishes to taste. One recommendation, this dish is so tasty it can be addictive.


Ingredienti: 100% hemp seeds flour*. It may contain soybeans. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool and dry place.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1367 kJ/329 kcal / 16% RDA
9.4 g / 13% RDA
of which saturated fatty acids
1.2 g / 6% RDA
13 g / 5% RDA
of which sugars
1.2 g / 1% RDA
36 g
30 g / 60% RDA
0 g / 0% RDA