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ORGANIC OAT Pasta - Le Bontà del Marchesato



Pasta is the queen of the table, always a must in the Mediterranean diet, now widespread and appreciated all over the world. Il Marchesato today offers you a revisited and innovative version to bring tradition to the table: its Gluten Free Pasta with oat flour. Even if the demands of modern life require us to turn our gaze to a healthier and more balanced diet, the love of food requires us not to give up on taste. Gluttony is not a vice, rather a pleasure in life. With the gluten free Marquisate pasta with oat flour you will be satisfied in taste and at the same time you will take care of your well-being.

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The good of oat pasta
The quality of the pasta depends on two fundamental factors: the ingredients and the processing. Pasta del Marchesato with oat flour uses only organic flours and does not add any ingredients of animal origin. The processing of the pasta involves slow drying and low temperature and bronze drawing, the only one that manages to give the pasta the characteristics of tightness and porosity that we love so much in a good first course. A pasta with an "al dente" consistency is good on the palate, but when the pasta is porous it blends perfectly with the sauce, thus making each bite full and tasty. Pasta with oat flour from the Marchesato is, by its very nature of oats, gluten-free and is suitable for vegan diets, but is universally used because it has such a pleasant flavor and texture that it is appreciated by everyone. Pasta with oat flour lends itself to the preparation of all traditional recipes; offered by the Marquisate in the most classic format, penne, makes a great impression on every table.

Why Oatmeal
Oats are a very nutritious and caloric cereal that is excellent as the main base of a complete first course. Historically it has been used as a natural remedy to counteract fatigue and physical exhaustion precisely because of its nourishing reinforcing capabilities. Oats are highly digestible and therefore have universal use. Thanks to the Marquisate, oat flour is now available as a Pasta, suitable for making fabulous first courses.

At the table with the Marquisate
Penne pasta with oat flour from Marchesato lends itself to a quick and easy recipe perfect for the summer because it is fresh and tasty at the same time. We make a plate of penne with oats seasoned with mozzarella and cooked ham. Start by cutting a thick slice of premium quality cooked ham into cubes. Do the same with the mozzarella, preferably buffalo mozzarella because it is tastier. Place everything in a bowl with plenty of grated Parmesan and pepper. Pasta cooked al dente must be added to the freshly cooked sauce. Add a few flakes of butter and mix carefully so that all the ingredients are perfectly combined. Serve while the pasta is still hot. With the Marquisate oat pasta you will receive compliments even for the simplest recipes.

OAT oat pasta MARCHESATO is Gluten free, GMO free, BIO and VEGAN OK.


80x120 10 16 8 1280
100x120 10 20 8 1600

Ingredienti: 55% oat flour*, wholerice flour*, tapioca starch*. It may contain soybeans.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1421 kJ/337 kcal / RDA 17%
3.8 g / RDA 5%
of which saturated fatty acids
0.7 g / RDA 4%
58 g / RDA 22%
of which sugars
1.0 g / RDA 1%
16 g
9.8 g / RDA 20%
0 g / RDA 0%