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ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT flour - Le Bontà del Marchesato



Il Marchesato, with the whole range of its products, offers genuine gluten-free ingredients. It does much more with buckwheat flour: it brings an ancient product back to the attention of the general public, rediscovering a taste that is part of tradition. All the flavor and the intense and rustic aroma of buckwheat are found in the flour of the Marchesato. The presence of flavonoids gives a slight bitter aftertaste, but it is the intense nutty aroma that prevails on the palate. Are you ready to make amazing rustic and tasty recipes?

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The good of buckwheat flour
Buckwheat flour is a product with a full aroma, capable of giving character to any recipe. Its dark color fully represents the rusticity of this incredible ingredient. In addition to traditional regional recipes such as pizzoccheri, sciatt and polenta, it can be used to prepare tasty and nutritious desserts and breakfast products, perfect for starting the day in the best possible way. Naturally gluten-free, buckwheat flour is suitable for preparing foods that are good for health. Do not use it only to prepare dishes for those who are intolerant to gluten, propose it in recipes for the whole family, you will win them over with a new and irresistible flavor, in the certainty of offering them healthy and genuine dishes.

The nutritional properties of buckwheat flour
Buckwheat flour is a product capable of giving a high sense of satiety, it is rich in proteins and vitamins.

Tips at the table
With buckwheat flour you can prepare tasty savory crêpes, if you add salt and pepper to the dough, you will get gallettes de sarrasin, the special version typical of Great Britain. For the filling you can indulge yourself: why not try them with mushrooms and bechamel, with Roquefort cheese and walnuts or smoked salmon and cream cheese. Buckwheat flour is also ideal for the preparation of desserts. Making tasty and genuine cookies is very simple, so you can avoid buying industrial ones rich in preservatives.


Ingredienti: buckwheat flour*. It may contain soybeans. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool and dry place.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1548 kJ/366 kcal
3.4 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0.7 g
72 g
of which sugars
0.4 g
3.5 g
10 g
0.01 g