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ORGANIC POLENTA TARAGNA - Le Bontà del Marchesato



For lovers of rustic dishes, the Marchesato offers organic polenta taragna: the polenta made from buckwheat and corn flour which owes its name to the tool used for the preparation of the traditional "polenta taragna", the "tarai". Taring the polenta means mixing it. Taragna is a dark and full-bodied polenta, ideal for preparing the most typical comfort food of Valtellina: polenta, butter and cheese, to be served with stew or stewed sausage. With the Marchesato, the preparation of this recipe is very simple: the flour mixture is ready in the perfect proportion, all you have to do is get the other fresh ingredients.

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The good of Polenta Taragna
At the origin of the tradition, polenta taragna was made with only buckwheat flour, then a part of corn flour was introduced to make the dish less intense and more delicious. The Marchesato has found the perfect mix between corn flour and buckwheat flour. With its preparation, polenta will always be perfect: soft, fragrant and tasty without being too aggressive, a base designed specifically for making tasty and delicious dishes.

The nutritional properties of Polenta Taragna
The great advantage that polenta offers is that it has a high satiating power, so with a modest portion you are more than fully satisfied. Furthermore, polenta taragna is rich in nutrients and fiber.

Tips at the table
Polenta taragna is a rich recipe that goes well with different dishes. To prepare it, cook the polenta and then use butter and cheese to whisk it. Now all you have to do is prepare the accompanying dish. You can cook stew, stewed game, Tuscan bean soup or sautéed mushrooms. You can enjoy your polenta accompanied by fresh cheese or with cold cuts, if you prefer to enjoy a fresher dish. Sautéed salads are also very suitable, such as radicchio, black cabbage or savoy cabbage. Polenta taragna has the great advantage of feeling good with almost all the ingredients, so the only limit in the preparation of a substantial and invigorating dish is your imagination. If you accompany it with moist dishes, prepare the softest polenta, you will see how good it is!


Ingredienti: precooked corn flour 90%*, buckwheat flour 10%*. It may contain soybeans. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool and dry place.
*Organic ingredients.

Data sheet

1419 kJ/334 kcal
1.2 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0.3 g
75 g
of which sugars
0.6 g
1.6 g
5.1 g
0 g