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Mix of ORGANIC flours with AMARANTH, TEFF AND QUINOA - Le Bontà del Marchesato



The organic flours of the Marchesato meet in a fantastic mix of cereals: amaranth teff and quinoa; balanced for nutritional intake and surprising taste. You can eat healthy without sacrificing taste, with the flours of the Marchesato. You can use this cereal mix to make comfortable soups to pamper yourself on colder evenings. For special occasions, teff and quinoa amaranth flour lends itself to being used in the preparation of more creative and surprising dishes with a rich and intriguing flavor. Try it for baking desserts. In the kitchen you can be daring, with the flours of the Marchesato.

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The goodness of Teff and Quinoa amaranth flour
The toasted flavor of amaranth, the characteristic scent of teff, sweet and slightly toasted, and the strong taste of quinoa combined in a single bag: the harmony of flavor of the cereal mix flour will surprise you. This flour mix is very versatile. Use it to prepare Brisée pasta to garnish with very tasty and tasty ingredients. It is perfect with smoked products such as speck, herring or scamorza. All recipes prepared with this flour must be seasoned with ingredients with strong aromas, such as spices, chocolate and nuts to enhance the taste of the cereal mix.

The nutritional properties of Mix Cereali flour
The Marchesato cereal mix flour is naturally gluten-free. It comes from the skilful blending of three fantastic pure flours: amaranth, teff and quinoa. A balanced blend of taste and nutritional values. Including gluten-free foods in your diet allows you to provide the body with many good nutrients.

Tips at the table
With this fantastic multigrain flour you can prepare bread, pizza and wraps, to offer a variation to the usual white flour products at the table. The cereals used to create this mix of flours are naturally gluten-free, therefore also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease. The amaranth, teff and quinoa flour gives an unmistakable taste to oven preparations, you will no longer be able to do without it. It is a shame, however, to use the mix of cereal flours only for savory preparations: discover it as a basic ingredient for desserts, you will get crazy results, from haute patisserie. Use it to make delicious cookies. In the dough, add pieces of chocolate and dehydrated apricots or drained sour cherries in syrup. These biscuits are so delicious they will be snapped up.


Ingredienti: 85% corn flour*, 5% teff flour*, 5% amaranth flour*, 5% quinoa flour*. It may contain soybeans . Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store in a cool and dry place.
*Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1480 kJ/349 kcal / 18% RDA
1.6 g / 2% RDA
of which saturated fatty acids
0.6 g / 3% RDA
74 g / 28% RDA
of which sugars
0.6 g / 1% RDA
3.4 g
8.0 g / 16% RDA
0.02 g / 0% RDA