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ORGANIC RED LENTILS Pasta - Le Bontà del Marchesato



A plate of steaming pasta satisfies the eye and teases the nose, but if the dish is pasta with red lentil flour from the Marquisate, you can't help but smile for the sympathy it transmits. The red of the pasta makes you happy and stimulates the appetite, seeing is believing. Every mother knows how important it is to serve an inviting dish so as not to find herself begging the children to eat "At least two more". With the pasta of the Marchesato this scene will become just a memory, the children will compete to see who fills his mouth the most. Because the pasta of the Marchesato has a strong and pleasant taste of lentils and goes well with both the more traditional sauces and with fresh and light condiments.

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The goodness of Red Lentil pasta
Colorful, fragrant and tasty, the penne with red lentil flour from the Marquisate bring joy to your table. Offer the pasta with red lentils of the Marchesato in all serenity, because it is a healthy and genuine product. Only organic flours are used, quality is fundamental for us. The making of the pasta is simple and traditional: bronze drawing, slow drying and at low temperatures. This type of processing gives the pasta the characteristics we love so much: cooking resistance and surface porosity. The dressing binds to the pasta and never leaves it until it reaches your palate. In the mouth you will feel the consistency of the pasta and the softness of the sauce, it will be a moment of true enjoyment. Pasta del Marchesato is gluten-free and does not have any ingredients of animal origin, this means that it is perfect not only for the nutrition of gluttons, but also for people with celiac disease and vegans.

Why red lentil flour
Grandparents always repeated: "Eat the lentils if you want to feel good" and they were absolutely right. Lentils are always a hit at the table, everyone likes them, even children. The pasta with red lentil flour from the Marchesato is colorful and fragrant, an excellent base for the preparation of tasty first courses.

At the table with the Marquisate
Pasta with red lentil flour from the Marchesato inspires traditional recipes. Let's try to make a simple pasta and potatoes, tasty and easy to make. As a preparation you only have to cut the potatoes evenly. In the preparation of the sauté, if you are feeling bold, you can add a few cubes of bacon to onion, celery and carrots. Add the potatoes, sauté them for a few minutes and add the halved cherry tomatoes. For cooking, cover the preparation flush with water and let it boil. The pasta is cooked directly in the saucepan itself. After cooking, it is advisable to let the dish rest for a few minutes before serving it at the table. The addition of salt, pepper and grated cheese is as desired. Try this reinterpretation of the classic recipe with pasta with red lentil flour from the Marchesato, you will amaze your guests.

RED LENTILS red lentils pasta MARCHESATO is Gluten free, GMO free, BIO and VEGAN OK.


80x120 10 16 8 1280
100x120 10 20 8 1600

Ingredienti: 100% red lentil flour*. It may contain soybeans.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1322 kJ/312 kcal / RDA 16%
1.8 g / RDA 3%
of which saturated fatty acids
0.4 g / RDA 2%
49 g / RDA 18%
of which sugars
1.4 g / RDA 2%
6 g
22 g / RDA 44%
0.01 g / RDA 0%