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ORGANIC PEA Pasta - Le Bontà del Marchesato



"We don't play at the table", but who said that? Pasta with pea flour from the Marchesato is the joy of all diners, right from its preparation in the kitchen. The taste of pasta with pea flour is delicate and pleasant, so you can indulge yourself during the preparation of the sauce to create colorful, cheerful and inviting dishes. Pasta del Marchesato goes well with everything. A table set on the terrace, a light breeze that makes the temperature pleasant, the whole family gathered for the occasion and in the center of the table a large serving dish with pasta with pea flour from the Marquisate seasoned with your favorite sauce. It is really true that simple things are enough to be happy.

The good of peas pasta
A nice row of green balls has magically transformed into a delicious penne train: haven't you seen the Marquisate Pasta with pea flour yet? Cute green feathers are just waiting to end up on your table. Penne with peas can be seasoned as you like, try various combinations in search of your favorite combination. Pasta with pea flour from the Marchesato has a really pleasant taste, it will appeal to everyone, even the most inappetent children. Peas are legumes with a high nutritional value, finding them in the form of pasta helps to organize a healthy and complete meal plan. Once tasted, you won't find it difficult to consistently propose them again at the table. Pasta del Marchesato is good because it uses organic flours. The production is traditional: slow drying and at low temperatures and bronze drawing. With these premises, excellent pasta is born, rough and porous and with excellent cooking resistance, always al dente as we like it.

Why pea flour
Peas are the first legumes that enter people's diets: as children we appreciate them because they are nice and colorful balls, as adults we keep them in our diet because they have a high energy value, With the pasta of the Marchesato with pea flour you can follow a diet rich in taste and indulge yourself in preparing new, inviting, colorful and tasty dishes.

At the table with the Marquisate
The recipe for cuttlefish with peas is typical and widespread. Why not try to reinvent it to serve at the table a good plate of penne with pea flour from the Marchesato with cuttlefish? You can follow the basic recipe for cooking cuttlefish: onion stock, cuttlefish and cooking over moderate heat with vegetable broth. Towards the end of cooking they can be blended with white wine. At this point it is necessary to take sides with the white version, with the supporters of fresh tomatoes or with the tomato concentrate faction to finish cooking. Combine the pasta with pea flour from the Marchesato, we recommend spicing it with a pinch of chilli.

PEA pea pasta MARCHESATO is Gluten free, GMO free, BIO and VEGAN OK.


80x120 10 16 8 1280
100x120 10 20 8 1600

Ingredienti: 100% pea flour*. It may contain soybeans.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1464 kJ/346 kcal / RDA 17%
1.4 g / RDA 2%
of which saturated fatty acids
0.4 g / RDA 2%
57 g / RDA 22%
of which sugars
3.5 g / RDA 4%
7 g
23 g / RDA 46%
0.01 g / RDA 0%