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ORGANIC MULTILEGUME Pasta - Le Bontà del Marchesato



A mix of legumes is the ideal source of protein for the diet of athletes and all people who want to eat healthily. The multi-legume pasta of the Marchesato is aimed precisely at all people who have decided to direct their diet towards the goal of health. The surprising thing is that to achieve this beneficial goal no sacrifice or renunciation is required: the pasta of the Marchesato is good, tasty and fragrant. You will be able to propose the traditional recipes of your family and never stop feeling at home in front of a good first course, without betraying your new meal plan.

The good of Multilegumi pasta
Traditionally, a good plate of legume soup is never missing from the family weekly meal plan. This is because legumes are a consistent source of good nutrients, high in protein and low in fat. Legumes also have a good flavor and satiate satisfaction, you who are a good fork know exactly. Il Marchesato brings this concentrate of goodness and well-being back to your table in the form of good bronze-drawn pasta. The pasta with multi-legume flour from the Marchesato is colorful and fragrant, it stimulates the appetite from the moment the package is opened. The Marchesato pasta is rough and porous, so it binds perfectly to the sauce. You can dress it as you prefer, the pasta with legume flour from the Marchesato goes well with everything. To obtain a good balanced dish, combine pasta with multi-legumes with seasonal vegetables, with a single preparation you will make all your guests happy, including celiacs, vegans, people with a strict calorie diet and hungry.

Why Multilegumi flour
It has always been a tradition to serve a generous portion of multi-legume soup at the table, excellent for its high nutritional value. The mix of multi-legume flours of the marquisate pasta contains all the goodness of pea, chickpea, lentil and bean flour in a combination with an exceptional flavor and perfect consistency, ideal for the daily diet of the whole family.

At the table with the Marquisate
Good food standards indicate that the combination of protein foods and vegetables is an excellent combination, nutritious and easy to digest. Let's take a cue to make a tasty recipe with multi-legume macaroni from the Marchesato seasoned with artichokes and peas. The realization is really simple and the result is of great impact. Proceed like this: leave the peeled and sliced artichokes to soak in the lemon. Prepare the onion sauté, add the artichokes and cook adding vegetable broth as needed. When the artichokes are half cooked, add the peas. Make sure that the broth has not dried completely when the vegetables are cooked. Add the pasta and sauté for a couple of minutes. Drizzle with fresh parsley and Parmesan before serving. This dish of Pasta del Marchesato will only find acclaim.

MULTILEGUME multilegume pasta MARCHESATO is Gluten free, GMO free, BIO and VEGAN OK.


80x120 10 16 8 1280
100x120 10 20 8 1600

Ingredienti: 25% lentils flour*, 25% chickpeas flour*, 25% peas flour*, 25% beans flour*. It may contain soybeans.
* Organic ingredients

Data sheet

1296 kJ/307 kcal / RDA 15%
2.3 g / RDA 3%
of which saturated fatty acids
0.4 g / RDA 2%
44 g / RDA 17%
of which sugars
1.8 g / RDA 2%
14 g
21 g / RDA 42%
0.005 g / RDA 0%